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"Ali is the most efficient and (most importantly) the best engineer I have worked
with. He is super slick with setting up, edits, ideas, mixing and provides top
quality recordings and years of experience. I have recorded numerous projects
with Ali from acoustic to full band and I would never go anywhere else.
Ali is also a fantastic musician, playing many instruments to a high level-
quite handy when you need that elusive keys part! A top bloke who is very
patient and easy to work with. His modern studio is a great atmosphere to be
creative. Ali always has the knack of getting a great mix almost instantly,
meaning you get great value for money and maximise your time in the studio."

- Neil Caws

"Ali is a dream to work with. He has got me the best vocal sound of my career.
Any engineering edit I've asked for, such as joining two live takes together,
is quick and easy for Ali and with superb results. Plus his studio is stunning
and a really inspiring creative space."

- Dani Wilde

"Whenever I've embarked on a recording project, Ali has been the instant choice.
It's not only that he's such a wizard on the technical side (although he can make
stuff happen that I wouldn't have thought possible, with apparently only a couple
of seconds' work) - it's that he's such a wonderfully decent, genial collaborator
in the studio. His first and last questions are always, "What do YOU want?"
and then he uses all his considerable experience to help that happen."

- Jon Mason

"Ali is so, so great to work with. He makes you feel completely at ease,
is happy to give constructive feedback if needed and is just a pleasure
to record with. The recordings we have produced have been the best
I've ever done and I wouldn't use anywhere else!"

- Nicky White

"Ali is a gentleman and a wizard on the board. We enjoyed working with
him during the process of demoing several new songs in 2016. Flexible
and authentic. Recommended!"

- Rick, The 456

"I have had the very great pleasure of recording with Ali Gavan for nearly
ten years.Not only is he an absolutely diamond geezer & supremely
talented engineer, his studio facilities just keep getting better & better.
Brighton Road is perfect both for when you want to make a racket
and when you just want to sing nicely & strum an acoustic guitar.
It has even got a magnificent old piano too. As the review of my last
album in the German online magazine Folksmund says:  Die Aufnahmen
wurden in Brighton gemacht und bieten einen perfekten Sound."

- Robb Johnson

"I worked with Ali at Transmission on an entire gospel album. Ali helped in
the composition of the music for my songs as well as playing all of the music,
providing supporting backing vocals as needed. He is fantastic, a true master
of all things musical. He was supportive, extremely professional and flexible
during the entire project. It was a fantastic experience and I would recommend
Ali over and over again."

- Myra Cooke

"The facilities at the studio are great and Ali is a pleasure to work with. His
knowledge and talent makes the recording process fun, easy and stress free.
He is also extremely creative and full of useful suggestions if needed during
the entire process.”

- Lisa, The Ramonas

"Ali is the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and possibly ninth member of our bands.
He's been recording our various lineups for well over five years now and
doesn't just press the big red button and move sliders. He's also co-producer,
engineer, stand-in drummer/guitarist/bassist/keyboardist/backing vocalist (if one of
us can’t be bothered to turn up) as well as master mixer. He’s like Rivers Cuomo,
James Murphy and Kanye all rolled into one at a price you can afford. A total
inspiration to be around in the studio, lightning fast on the controls and a pitch
perfect ear that Beethoven would've been jealous of…if he could hear."

- Twister

"I spent an entire week recording a 15 track album with just Ali and I locked
away inventing new sounds! I knew it would be a smooth and fun booking,
Ali is always sensitive to the artist's brief and never assumes to know better,
so i get a much needed ego massage in that way too. However, he is not
too modest to chip in an idea or two or stand in when needed and even
co-create when asked to, working with Ali keeps the creative juices flowing.  
Ali is a diamond, a genuinely lovely guy, funny and above all (and why
i keep rebooking him), extremely efficient, knowledgable, enthusiastic and up
for trying new concepts. I always leave with everything I dreamed of and more!"

- Alex Mee

"Ali makes the process of recording effortless and stress-free, leaving the musicians
free to get on with the music. His friendly, relaxed attitude make time in his studio
a real pleasure. His editing is also jaw-droppingly good"

- John Forrester

"We’ve literally gone into Transmission with nothing more than a plectrum and
come out with nothing short of our best work within a few hours. The new
studio is a great space to record with loads of amps, a full kit and more instruments
and noise making machines than Macca’s lock-up, plus, unlike some studios
we’ve used, the mixing room is as comfortable as a living room set at a
well known Swedish furniture outlet. We love him and what he can do, even
though he supports Sunderland."

- Mark, Dirt Bike Rider

"I worked with Ali Gavan at Brighton Road Studios on my album 'Sing like your
life depends on it' for several months in 2016. He's not only a great engineer but
has real feel for how songs should develop and sound. He ended up doing
all of the bass guitar work, percussion and some drumming. He' s a skilled
multi-instrumentalist, general whizz in the studio and a very nice guy.
Highly recommended!"

- Ben Westwood

"Ali is great to work with because he really puts you in the driving seat.
No fuss, no ego - he just wants to help you express yourself and get the best
possible performance recorded. Great engineer, very patient, and he also
improvised some great guitar chops for me in a matter of minutes when I asked
him to. I hope to be back soon!"

- Brian Walsh

"Ali Gavan's recording space in Brighton Road is beautiful, nestling in the heart
of the Sussex countryside. Couldn't wish for a better place to record or a finer chap
to do it with."

- Gavin Martin

"If you want a top quality recording, get it done by Ali at Transmission Studios.
Amazing engineer & a great guy too! We only planned to do one session
a couple of years ago, but we have been going back ever since!"

- Jack, Blackfoot Circle

"I’ve worked with Ali on two occasions for different bands, and I can’t stress
enough what a brilliant guy he is to work with. His knowledge of music and
recording is second to none and I will certainly be returning for my next project.
Ali is always so helpful, and you come away knowing you have worked with
a truly dedicated professional."

- Peter Clark, Black Cap

"So pleased, we came back the following year! We flew over from Spain twice
to record at Transmission Studios with Ali. He was totally appreciative of the
sound we wanted and both sessions went smoothly and painlessly; so important
when you're on a tight budget. Best recording experiences we've ever had."

- Viki, Viki Vortex and the Cumshots

"Hooked me up a top vocal recording to a pretty tight brief when i was
in the s**t on a album deadline…..great job in a tight jam.
Cheerz brother, nice to have you on the team"

- chrisB (Toolroom Records/Ministryofsound)

"Transmission has always been an excellent place for results. Warm atmosphere,
very relaxed, with a spot on engineer. I have recorded various styles of music
with different miking techniques, I have always walked away with a superb result."

- Guy Hall

"I had a fantastic time at the recording studio, I thought it was excellent and the
recordings sounded amazing! I am emailing to say a big thank you, especially
to Ali who guided me through it! I would most defiantly come back! Thanks again."

- Kimberley Hockey

"I can’t recommend Ali and Transmission Studios enough, he’s got my sound and
requirements down to a tee, the attention to detail is beyond compare and the whole
process is friendly, efficient and personalised; Lewes here I come."

- Wilcko

"Ali was nothing but professional and brilliant to work with. I have used a lot of
studios before but with Ali's skills and knowledge, we produced the best
recordings I've ever done. I have now found a studio for keeps!"

- Nicky White

"Ali has moved my music on to a level I never thought I could get to.
The quality of each recording is fantastic and Ali's laid-back approach makes
every session totally relaxed and yet really productive. His creative input has helped
me write lyrics and melodies to my specific genre, and created totally unique and
original sounds. As a solo singer without a band, I rely solely on Ali to build my
tracks from scratch using his own instruments. I am really excited about my
future in music thanks to Ali's help, professionalism and enthusiasm."

- Lucy Cooper

"Ali is the most patient engineer! I will definitely be coming back in the future."

- Ed Sansom.

"Just wanted to say thanks a lot for a really relaxed, rewarding day -
we really like the recording and are appreciative of how you captured a
really 'big' clear sound. We'll definitely be back at some point."

- John, Plus

“Transmission is amazing! Best demo I’ve ever recorded and I’ve been in some top studios.
I am so pleased with the recordings- was a great weekend! Thank you!!!!”

- Jules, Adhora

“I’m really, really pleased with the way the recordings have turned out.
You were very sensitive to what I wanted to achieve and created a lovely, warm, strong sound.
I’ll be back!!”

- Mike Reinstein

“We had never recorded before and Transmissions proved to be an amazing place to start.
Plenty of space, lots of gear! But the biggest asset at Transmission is Ali – you have
the support of a talented musician who understands how tricky getting your music
down can be. We love Transmission, we love Ali, what more can we say?”

- Russ, The Last Carnival

“Transmission Studios gets a great sound really quickly, one of my favorites for sure.
And it’s very good value.”

- Mikee, The Painted Smiles

“We get plenty of demos that are good for what they are - 50 well spent –
 but this two tracker sounds like a million dollars.
The quality is especially impressive, its brooding epicness perfectly realised.”

- Brighton Source, review of Munich

“I’ve recorded in studios all over the world and it was really refreshing to work with
someone with genuine enthusiasm, expertise and talent in an industry where surliness and
incompetence usually come as standard. Go record at Transmission - your music deserves it.”
- Zarbo
“Transmission studios is the perfect place to record.
The live room is ideal for a live band like us, it provides the right atmosphere
for making music not to mention an excellent engineer and equipment to boot.”
- Danny, The Perils
“Transmission is awesome, there’s a great vibe and it really brings out your creativity,
you can do anything you want!”
- Sam, Rob The Rich
“We had never recorded in a proper studio before and were utterly privileged
to kick off our recording experience in such a top quality studio as Transmission
and with such an affable, talented producer. We had a lovely time and we couldn’t
be happier with the results”
- The Beat Presidents
“At Transmission, we had the best two days recording I can remember -
all the band got their parts down in no time, and we had a lot of fun as well.
We’ve had loads of comments about how well recorded and mixed our demo is -
and I would buy Ali a milkshake any day of the week”
- Tom, Silverdials.
“We went into Transmission Studio’s with the intension of recording a great EP
 and didn’t know what to expect. Ali’s ideas helped us push the songs to come
out better than expected. He was on his feet from the moment we came to the studio
until the moment we set foot out the door.
A real pleasure working with someone so enthusiastic about his work!”
- Gav, The Gaa Gaas
“If Carlsberg did recording studios, they’d probably be like Transmission”
- Rob, Clayton Strange

“It’s not very often you find a studio that’s this good and an engineer (Ali)
who can handle any genre you throw at him. If you want to walk away
with a great finished product then this is the studio you need”

–Kelly Munro, End Of The Trail Records

“Transmission studios gave us our best recordings yet, for a great price. Thanks Ali”

– Just, Seven Caves

“I have been making albums for 20 years. I did the latest one at Transmission
and I’ll do my next one there too. It was not only probably the best sound I’ve found
but also the nicest place to be too. Full stop.”

– Robb Johnson

“We really did have a great time and will definitely be coming back.
It was surprising to hear us sound so good!!”

– Those Damn Owls

“We would highly recommend Transmission Studios to anyone!
Plus we had a wicked day at the same time. We still love love the demo!”

– Bex and Malarki

“Transmission Studios gave us everything we needed to produce an amazing single.
We recorded three tracks to an amazing standard which we’ve sold out of.”

– The Wasp Factory

“It was my first time recording vocals in that kind of environment so I was a little
nervous, but I was made to feel at ease straight away and I really enjoyed it.
I was really pleased with the end result and will definitely go back again.”

– Catherine Cox

“Transmission Studios is a high spec studio at an affordable price.
Ali is formidable engineer as well. Satisfied Customer.”

– Unkle Bubz, UK, DJ- Producer, Tribal, Electronica and Dance.

“Transmission is the best studio we’ve been in”

– Before All Time

“Transmission is brilliant studio with a producer who really brings out the best of
your music. Ali gave us some great ideas to enhance our songs, and really made an
effort to develop and craft the recordings to produce an excellent, high quality demo.”

– Dave, Black Thatcher

“Transmission is a lovely, well-equipped, and band-friendly—
we are a seven-piece and play everything live—
As soon as we are all free for another weekend, we’ll be back.”

– Damian Counsell, Immortal Soul

“Our day at Transmission was made easy by Al’s blend of technical attention
 and sympathetic generosity, we can’t recommend it enough.”

– The Elms